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Friends Care Foundation

logofri - CopyFriends Care Foundation sees numerous kids in Romania growing up without adoration, without enough sustenance, without training and with no genuine prospect for a solid future. A large number of these youngsters are either Roma or vagrants. One young lady in our individual sponsorship program disclosed to us how Friends Care Foundation had any kind of effect to her life. All the time when I catch wind of Friends Care Foundation it give me a nice sentiment on the grounds that the general population from the establishment were there for me when I require them particularly to have a typical life and to bring up my little girl. By Friends Care Foundation I’m backpedaling to class for a couple of years and it’s extremely intriguing in life. I need to thank every one of the general population from the establishment for all that they accomplish for me, they change my life and they demonstrate to me how it is to be in a major family. I will never discover enough words to thank every one of them and furthermore to the backers who help them to give us a superior life. Thank to every one of my companions from Friends Care Foundation.

Foundation in Ahmedabad

IMG_20160101_142548Foundation in Ahmedabad Program is at the core of our main goal – to address the issue where it lives. Through the program, a group of specialists, therapists, enlisted medical caretakers, peer authorities and understudy volunteers make adjusts in a van to city corners to give essential medicinal services and behavioral tend to people who are encountering vagrancy. Frequently, these strong, difficult to-contact people are impervious to look for mind. Foundation in Ahmedabad group tries to fabricate trust and connections to give quick care and in the long run draw in these patients in continuous administrations and associate them to a perpetual medicinal home. Foundation in Ahmedabad attempts to give dependability of care, enhance physical and behavioral conditions, associate patients to therapeutic homes, instruct patients on practices to decrease unsafe propensities, and pilot new advancements in medicine. Foundation in Ahmedabad is looking for subsidizing to empower the group to serve patients more evenings of the week and keep developing the program.

Dhaval Pandya

IMG_20160507_173515 - CopyFriends Care Foundation in Ahmedabad is one more unique walk of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Education society towards introducing quality guideline to data dried understudies by Dhaval Pandya. The association is enveloped by Dhaval Pandya of vivifying scenes of monstrous Sardar grounds. Far from the annihilation and defilement of the city, the establishment gets the upsides of the thoroughly calm, quiet and nature-obliging condition. Dhaval Pandya makes an amazingly accommodating atmosphere where understudies can have a presence propelling foundation of specific preparing. The foundation has envisioned sharpening the multi-faceted blessings of the understudies and thus to make them sound technocrats who are able to set out on another time of science and advancement in the overall establishment. It is moreover the prime obligation of the association to saddle understudies with the estimations of concordance and humankind for the headway of the overall population by Dhaval Pandya. To fulfill this vision the foundation gives understudies all possible structure and informative workplaces, for instance, flawless and vaporous classrooms, instructional exercise rooms, totally arranged research offices, lingo lab to connect with them in open English, PC center, library, workshop, play region and jug.


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