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Friends Care Foundation | Women Empowerment | Old Age and Care Of Birds & Animals in Ahmedabad.

Friends Care Foundation


Friends Care Foundation keeps on guiding its concentration to what’s to come. Nothing is more essential to us than the general population of our group, and the quality, sympathetic human services that can be gotten appropriate here at home in Ahmedabad. Friends Care Foundation is given the best region social insurance and to broaden the recuperating service of Dhaval Pandya. Friends Care Foundation was composed to secure assets from people, organizations and companies, to give, advance, keep up and enhance the nonstop development of territory groups. With the liberal commitments and support of companions, family and neighbors, the Friends Care Foundation is building a solid, long haul blessing, protecting the headway of medicinal services for the future eras of Hopkins County. Friends Care Foundation is a non-benefit association administered by Dhaval Pandya. Held yearly, the Lights of Life battle occasion is the biggest pledge drive – occasion for the Friends Care Foundation. In spite of the fact that, this most foreseen occasion is frequently oversold with holding up records, arrangement starts ahead of schedule to make each conceivable convenience to meet a steadily developing portrayal. The liberality of Hopkins County and the encompassing zones’ benevolent gifts constantly surpass desires in “Offering Back to the Community”. Companions Friends Care Foundation is additionally acknowledged year-round, to “respect or recall” an uncommon somebody to an expired companion or adored one. Commitments whether expansive or little, are dependably incredibly refreshing. Inheritances might be made through Will or Estate arranging.

Foundation in Ahmedabad

IMG_20160507_173515 - CopyFoundation in Ahmedabad is an extraordinary Medical philanthropy, conveying a total bundle of restorative help to the absolute most defenseless individuals from Indian culture. The medicinal group at the Friends Care Foundation in Ahmedabad performs free reconstructive surgery for kids and grown-ups conceived with congenital fissure and sense of taste disfigurements. Friends Care Foundation expect to bring the grin back on the characteristics of our patients and we vow to accomplish this by giving an all encompassing administration paying little mind to cost or asset. Friends Care Foundation in Ahmedabad look for and treat the most demonized individuals from society, working with them to raise their certainty and giving them their poise by giving a world-class care and bolster bundle. Beside our restorative ability, our scope of help reaches out to giving pro counsel to youngsters with extraordinary requirements, healthful help, language training and a great deal more. Friends Care Foundation at Midlife Foundation are honored with a humanitarian group of experts whose point is to serve the most underestimated in the public eye and to help turn their lives around in Ahmedabad. We are teaming up with similarly invested accomplices to reinforce and broaden our scope. We are making a stage for scholarly brilliance and have built up a model of preparing by enlisting associates and creating models and making this accessible to surgeons crosswise over India and past for the trading of best practice and eventually the advancement of better treatment in this field of work.

Dhaval Pandya

Picture12Friends Care Foundation in Ahmedabad is one more dynamic stride of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Education society towards presenting quality instruction to information parched students by Dhaval Pandya. The organization is encompassed by Dhaval Pandya of vivifying scenes of immense Sardar grounds. A long way from the destruction and contamination of the city, the foundation gets the advantages of the totally quiet, peaceful and nature-accommodating condition. Dhaval Pandya makes a splendidly helpful climate where students can have an existence advancing background of specialized training. The establishment has imagined honing the multi-faceted gifts of the students and along these lines to make them sound technocrats who are skillful to set out on another period of science and innovation in the worldwide foundation. It is additionally the prime duty of the organization to saddle understudies with the estimations of concordance and mankind for the advancement of the general public by Dhaval Pandya. To satisfy this vision the establishment gives understudies all conceivable framework and instructive offices, for example, perfect and vaporous classrooms, instructional exercise rooms, completely prepared research facilities, dialect lab to engage them in open English, PC focus, library, workshop, play area and bottle.


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